Sunday, December 26, 2010

Presentations from the CAFE Trade and Immigration Strategy Session at Border Conference

Hola CAFE-teros!

Thank you to everyone who attended CAFE's strategy session on Trade and Immigration at the Border Conference at City College on December 1st!  We had over 50 participants, lots of great ideas and enthusiasm. We will be meeting in the new year to talk more about how we can turn our ideas for trade reform into action (details to be announced shortly). 

Below is the presentation given at the beginning of the strategy session, giving a brief overview of the connection between trade policies and immigration:

Also mentioned in the strategy session, by fellow presenter David Bacon, is the Dignity Campaign, which is a comprehensive immigration reform campaign that integrates trade policy reform. Here is a link to an Dignity Campaign proposal (as published by our Filipino allies at Filipinos for Justice!) :

Also, CAFE David Schmidt, found the following excellent presentation on the concepts behind Fair Trade and how fair trade is working today across the globe.  Fair warning, its a rather large presentation, but work every megabyte!